About Us


The Greater St. Louis Mothers of Twins Club has a rich history dating back to 1957 when Joyce Smith, a mother of twins, placed an ad in a neighborhood paper. She wanted to meet with other mothers of twins who were sharing her “double trouble”. The Club is one of the largest local organizations in the country providing membership and support to several hundred parents of multiples in the metropolitan St. Louis area.


The Purpose of the Greater St. Louis Mothers of Twins Club is:

  • To provide parents of multiples the opportunity to meet with others who share their problems and interests; and through planned programs, assist each other by offering help, encouragement, suggestions and ideas whenever possible.
  • To participate in current research with multiple birth children by researchers and doctors.
  • To provide educational and research material to members and to others with an interest in the special aspects which relate to multiples.

Members have access to our club’s on-line community which is our membership database. It provides forums for sharing information, news, events, member lists, and classifieds for buying and selling items between Re-Sell-Its.

You can also find us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greater-St-Louis-Mothers-of-Twins-Club/330247100406290?ref=ts&fref=ts