Spring Sale Date!!

Just a reminder! Our next sale is March 22 at Parkway North High School, 12860 Fee Fee Rd. We’ll post the new flyer when we get it.

This entry was posted on January 11, 2014.

Craft & Career Night next week!

Our next meeting will be our Craft & Career Night. We have at least 20 vendors coming! A great night to visit and shop. The holidays are fast approaching! Dinner is only $15 and there is an Open Bar. Check out bigtent.com for all the details and to make your reservation. Prospective members should contact membership at membership@stlmotc.org.

We will also be honoring our Legacy Members this month. ‘Legacy Members’ have been with the club for at least 25 years! Way to go ladies! See you there!

This entry was posted on October 9, 2013.

What a fantastic sale!

Thank you to our Media Partner for the 2013 Sales, St. Louis Parent Magazine. Thank you also to Olive Productions for creating our fun flyer. Thank you to all our Goodie Bag participants. Be sure to check them out! They are as follows: ZPowerFitness, Kindercare Learning Center, ibella Beads, Sarah Coble-31, Gretchen Bender-Creative Spaces Organizing, Carrie
Caldwell-Advocare, Cathy Zakibe-Magic of Mickey Travel, and Team in Training.

This entry was posted on September 19, 2013.

Sale flyer now available!

Our latest sale flyer is now available. Check it out here. See you at Parkway North High School on Saturday, September 14th!

This entry was posted on August 8, 2013.

July meeting preview….

Mark your calendars…the July dinner meeting will be a Tag It Demonstration so now you have no excuse not to sell at the next sale which is Sept 14th at Parkway North! You don’t have to eat either to attend a meeting. In the meantime join us for our June meeting too!

This entry was posted on June 1, 2013.

Join us for the June “Dad’s Night” meeting!


Please come to our June 20th dinner meeting which is “Dad’s Night”.
We had to guarantee the banquet hall a minimum number of 50 people and we need more to come. It is an open bar and dinner for $15 a person. If you are already a member, please rsvp on Bigtent by June 13th and you can bring as many adults guests as you want. It doesn’t have to necessarily be all men either. Just include how many guests when making your reservation. If you are wanting to join, please contact our membership committee at membership@stlmotc.org for information on how to join. It will be a fun night! If you are interested in joining our club and wanting to attend the June meeting membership needs your check by June 6th. Also members if you are interested in attending a dinner meeting without eating and drinking you can. No charge. Please be sure you contact Tina or make a note of it when you RSVP on Bigtent.

This entry was posted on May 31, 2013.